Ed & Ed’s B & B – Where You’re A Stranger But Once

by Jeff Pitcher on June 22, 2010

“Ed & Ed’s B & B – Where You’re a Stranger but Once!” opened at the Theatre Newfoundland Labrador’s Gros Morne Theatre Festival on June 18th. It’s been a labour of love – actually it wasn’t much labour at all – the 15 or so drafts were a total pleasure to write.

The title pretty well sums up my ten years here in Cow Head! It’s a farce and fun to write. Just underneath the surface there are some pertinent questions regarding cultural tourism, out-migration and community renewal. The play is a love letter to people and town of Cow Head where I’ve spent the last 10 summers. My son, Jack, spent all his summers here since he was 3 immersed in our culture and our politics and we believe the people of Cow Head are simply wonderful. They’re also a people who have been on the ropes in recent years with a failing fishery and phenomenal out-migration to other exotic places in the world like Toronto, Barrie and Fort McMurray.

I believe after you spend a few days here enjoying the beauty and charm of the place, you come to see that there are real human issues that exist in our communities, our fishery and our people. But the Eds are like us – they know that in the face of adversity you can’t forget to love and sing and maybe have a few laughs…then get down to work in making this world a better place to live!

The production opened in repertory so rehearsal time was at a premium – especially hard when rehearsing a farce with six doors! But open we did to a full house and standing ovation with a great amount of gratitude and awe with our wonderful cast. Greg Blumer as old Ed is just simply Ed – who’s a little like Newfoundland – great sense of humour but with a dark streak running just underneath. Adam Brake as young Ed is terrific, his comic timing and the heart-felt honesty that lies underneath is just what the character needs. Heather Rumbolt as Claire is wonderful – a new addition to TNL and the Gros Morne Theatre Festival – an actress that has that wonderful innate sense of stage presence. Jerry Etienne as the mainlander, Theo, is excellent as he usually is and such a pleasure to work with! Rounding out the cast is Wendy Chambers as Mary, Ed’s ex-wife – she was perfect as the Irish – Newfoundland tough, no non-sense woman!

Our Technical crew was amazing as they put together a box set in our little Warehouse, starting with a terrific set design by Derek Butt. No detail was too small with Derek, from the six slamming doors to photos of Ed’s cat on the set and a secret revolving shelving unit.

It was a very satisfying process to get the Eds back on stage and it’ll be a lot of fun to see the play grow as the production settles into its summer long repertory run of two performances a week until the first week of September.

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big brother June 26, 2010 at 5:54 pm

ya i just want to tell you my little brother,greg has a very good talent and passion and i hope everyone enjoys this play….signed BIG BROTHER JOHN
p.s.love ya greg

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