Current Plays

Ed & Ed’s B & B

The Eds are back! Ed & Ed have moved lock, stock and barrel into our beloved Cow Head to open a new Bed & Breakfast to cash in on the ‘Cultural Tourism’ wave crashing over the province. Complications quickly surface when young Ed falls in love with a Gros Morne Theatre Festival actress, old Eds ex-wife Mary returns with some BIG news from her self-exile in Barrie, Ontario and all are thrown into madness with the arrival of mainland tourist who lost his way.

Premiered at Theatre Newfoundland Labrador’s Gros Morne Theatre Festival on June 18, 2010.

The Death of Sir Arthur Currie

Sir Arthur Currie was the greatest Commanding Officer the Canadian Military has ever known. After leading Canadian soldiers through the bulk of World War I Currie returned home to Canada to politics and back-stabbing. He sued a small-town newspaper in 1928 for libel in its reporting that Currie and his command wasted Canadian lives for glory. This play is Curries story and his battle with his own private demons in reliving his experiences of World War I.

The play was workshopped at the Great Canadian Theatre Company in Ottawa in October 2009 and is currently going through a re-write with self-imposed deadline of December, 2010.

Jack Was Every Inch a Sailor

Into it’s second draft with a hopeful finish date of September 2010.

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