Sound & Fury

by Jeff Pitcher


2049 and all is not well in Newfoundland and Labrador! His Lordship, Wiff T. Hickey runs the place with an iron fist from the Coca Cola Government Centre in St. John’s. But there’s hope yet as the renowned Hag (Newfoundland’s very own trickster) makes a fiery appearance in the home of Eb and Flo Normal hoping to ignite a revolution between the ears!

2 Acts

Male: 4
Female: 3

Production History
Honourable Mention in Theatre BC’s 11th Canadian Playwriting Competition. Premiered at Theatre Newfoundland Labrador’s 2004 Gros Morne Theatre Festival.

Running Time: 110 minutes

Characters (In order of appearance)
Eb Normal – The man of the house
Flo Normal – The woman of the house
Anna Normal – Eb & Flo’s daughter
Eli Muffin – Anna’s fiancé
Hag – Newfoundland Trickster
Wiff T Hickey – Supreme Being of Newfoundland & Labrador
Henry Hickey – Wiff’s son
Feddeck – Wiff’s evil assistant

*Eb Normal and Wiff T Hickey are played by the same actor

Original Production (Theatre Newfoundland Labrador)
Eb Normal – Geoff Adams
Flo Normal – Dana Puddicombe
Anna Normal – Anna Dunne
Eli Muffin – Adam Brake
Hag Petrina – Bromley
Wiff T Hickey – Geoff Adams
Henry Hickey – Greg White
Feddeck – Dan Gervais

Stage Manager – Chris May

Director – Jeff Pitcher
Set Design – Derek Butt
Costume Design – Wendy Vey
Lighting Design – Leigh Ann Vardy
Sound Design – Dennis Keough

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