The Honourable Member

By Jeff Pitcher



A federal election is looming and MP Jack Strong is in trouble. Only six days left before party nominations in his district and the polls say he’s finished. Not without a fight says Jack! Break out the knives, watch your back and wrap yourself in the Canadian flag as this honourable member hits the campaign trail.

2 Acts

Male: 3
Female: 2

Production History
Premiered at Western Canada Theatre’s Sagebrush Theatre in Kamloops, British Columbia in 1993.

Running Time: 110 minutes

Characters (In order of appearance)

Jack – The Honourable Member of Parliament
Jane – His Secretary
Dave – His Executive Assistant
Howard – Party President
Val – A local reporter

Original Production (Western Canada Theatre)
Jack – David Ross
Jane – Lanni McInnes
Dave – Mark Weatherly
Howard – Brian Taylor
Val – Karin Konoval
Stage – Manager Kelly Manson
Apprentice Stage Manager – Karla Turner
Director – Janet Michael
Set Design – Galina Kofman
Set Design Assistant – Chrissie Holden
Costume Design – Patrice Godin
Lighting Design – Linda Babins
Musical Arrangements – John McCulloch

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